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Portfolio for creative
studio IAAH
Portfolio for creative studio IAAH

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In the summer of 2012, I developed the new portfolio website for the in New Orleans based creative studio “I Am Always Hungry” (IAAH). The website showcases an impressive body of work, with projects ranging from book designs to TV-commercials.

The core of the website runs on Cargo, a publishing platform aimed at the creative minded. It comes with a content management system that is easy to use and also very suitable for portfolios. Together with IAAH, I build a fully customized theme, that not only has a unique layout, but also added certain functionalities to the website.

The blog is build upon Tumblr. For this, I created a theme that matched the styling of the website, including the random header in the top.

Custom functionalities

Cargo is only customizable to a certain degree. We wanted to push the boundaries of the platform. Therefore I wrote a few custom functionalities for the website. These can be implemented by simply inserting a tag in the project its description field.

The project page

One of the functionalities we added was a new way of showcasing a project. On default, Cargo displays the project in a single column, in which all the content is stacked on top of each other.

The new way of showcasing a project is by displaying all its images in a fullscreen gallery, making full use of the available screen estate. The project description can be viewed by clicking the toggle in the top right, which displays it in an overlay on top of the images.


It’s been a true pleasure working together with Nessim Higson, founder of IAAH. His impeccable work made the process of developing the website even more enjoyable.