A front-end developer with a designer’s mindset, engineering highly tailored, aesthetically refined websites.

I’m originally from the south of the Netherlands. It’s where I grew up, got my Bachelor degree in Communication and Multimedia Design and started working independently. Nowadays, I move around like a modern nomad, living out of two suitcases, hopping from city to city.

The last 10 years I’ve been working as a front-end developer. For 1 ½ year I had the pleasure of working for creative agency Sid Lee at their headquarters in Montreal. The remaining 8 ½ years I’ve been working as an independent contractor for a variety of clients.

I aim to build meaningful and usable websites – websites that people actually like to use. I am always searching for ways to make it easier, faster and more pleasant for people to accomplish their goals. Creating useful websites as well as working on the intersection of design and engineering, is something I truly enjoy.

I have a strong preference for an agile process and a close collaboration with designers. With a focus on user experience, I strive for quality at every level. I put a strong emphasis on performance and a readable codebase. Yet, I care just as much about design aspects such as typographic rhythm and a clear content hierarchy.



  • Feb 1983

    Born in the south of The Netherlands

  • Jan 2006

    Received BA degree in Communication and Multimedia Design

  • Apr 2005 — Dec 2008

    Worked independently, offering design, front- end back-end solutions

  • Jan 2009 — Jul 2010

    Worked at Sid Lee Montreal as an interactive developer

  • Aug 2010 — Dec 2014

    Working independently, offering front-end development, ux consultation and prototyping

  • Jan 2015 — Now

    Co-founded web development studio Pillar based in Berlin


Way of working

In general, I’d like to be involved from the start of a project. Taking part of the early stages of a project allows me to be of value from the get-go. I find it important to work closely with a designer in a rapid iterative manner. This allows us the flexibility to explore ideas more easily and find our way to solutions that work.

Selection of clients